Drop the Mike🎤

When life is good or challenging remember this, we are overcomers through Christ.

~ Lisa Blair

We humans think we can handle all things. When we enter life’s battles: illness, loss, death, separation, personal attacks, and devastation, we only need to look to God. He overcomes and cancels out evil.

When trials and temptations present themselves, know ’only God’ can see you through. Rely on Him for all things. Seek Him first.

Paul gives us insight on overcoming evil. First we have to renew our minds to the word of God being transformed into his likeness (Romans 12:2). Secondly, our gifts must be in operation in the body of Christ, to which we were called to belong (Romans 12:5). Next we must love sincerely without hypocrisy, devoted to one another (Romans 12:9, Romans 12:10). We are to keep ourselves zealous for the Lord, joyful, patient and faithful (Romans 12:11, Romans 12:12). These things will keep our focus on God and off our circumstances. Looking to Him will allow His characteristics to daily flow out of our lives overcoming and mastering sin)” all attacks that face us.

Remember this, we are overcomers through Christ. We have the victory.

Drop the mike, enough said.

Reference – Overcome evil with good. Jcblog.net

Image – YouVersion. Bible.com

2 thoughts on “Drop the Mike🎤

  1. AMEN. When my mother was alive she use to say this verse in Job 13:15, Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him: but I will maintain mine own ways before him.


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