Jesus Christ Saves Sinners

Jesus Christ came to save the souls of sinners. So many feel His purpose was to save Jews from sinning, but the truth is, He and his disciples scoured the known world to save souls, all souls. No one was excluded, there were and are many ethnicities and religions in world. There are churched and unchurched souls, believers, backsliders, nonbelievers and the totally lost. Never feel you cannot share the Good Word, even for comparative purposes. You never know what your sharing will spark.

God sent himself in the form of His Son to save us sinners. We will sin until we die. It is our nature, but thank God, because Jesus was crucified, we received the gift of redemption. Share the fact that our God is a loving God, the only God that does not punish and gives salvation.

In many cases, casual conversation and demonstrating who Christ is through our actions works better than banging a Bible over the heads of those we are trying to reach. Be open, kind, thoughtworthy, meek/gentle and in control when sharing the Word or testifying about your relationship with our Lord. Those we are trying to reach are watching us. Remember we are sinners saved by grace. We had to accept Christ as Our savior too.

Have a blessed day. Don’t forget to put on your armor, the whole Armor of God. Ephesians 6:10-18.

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