I’m so happy I will never use up my mercies because they are renewed daily.🙂

What are mercies? According to Bible Study Tools. Mercy is an intrinsic quality of the nature of God. His mercy cannot be exhausted like mans. It is the foundation of his covenant with Christians.

God promises to protect, provide, guide, and is continuously present in our lives. Because he is the initiator, his mercy is gracious, unmerited and undeserved. Mercy is linked to forgiveness.

Mercy is the foundation of our Salvation and is excuted in and through the resurrection of Christ.

We cannot exhaust his love or his mercy. Mercy forgives and liberates those who have no right to such a blessing.

For us, mercy is a characteristic of life in Gods kingdom power.

Mercy is linked to kindness, compassion and forgiveness, discussed in a recent Post.

We should jump up and down – our mercy is renewed every day without notification or request. It just is!

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