Is The Last Word That Important

Learning to humble ourselves is a task. It takes effort and willingness to place ourselves second, even when we feel justified to do otherwise. We are not floor mats, but it is not always necessary to make a statement or get in the final word. Ego is destructive. I wish I listened to my Mother and learned this earlier in life. My path would have been much more pleasant and calm. Bold egos make for brash people. Egos do not honor God when not kept in check. To honor God means, not thinking we are more than we are. Set aside self-righteous pride. Live in peace, peace of mind, peace of position, peace that is greater than our understanding.

A bit of History

I visited Stonehenge yesterday. Learned it is part if a cultural practice. Stonehenge represents the end of life, there is a corresponding Woodhenge, recently uncovered, representing the beginning of life. Both are believed to be part of an annual cultural practice. People traveled from near and far to honor new birth and bury the bones of those that died during the year, thus the end of the theory regarding aliens.

Stonehenge was built in phases over many centuries. It is now believed to be 4,000 years old. Archeologists found human bones and teeth from the Neolithic period. Another tidbit, the Romans conquered the area for a time.

Images – YouVerson,; LAB Photos

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