Romans 10:17, Hearing The Message

It has taken me a long time to desire to learn what the scriptures mean, you know, other than face value, interpreting intellectually. I found it is easy to misinterpret them because they were not inspired by man. Finally I decided to delve in the Word and it opened a chest of gold, so to speak. They are so much more than we could possibly understand on their face value.

We hear the message through the Word of God. As we read to ourselves the words enter our inner sanctum (the home of the Holy Spirit) and their power is revealed.

I use, specifically William Barclay’s Commentary, and to access the commentaries of theological scholars. It is essential to confirm your thinking and not blindly listen to others or to interpret ourselves. I read other commentaries as well, though Bible scholars have shared that these are the best online references.

Try Searching – Commentary, Romans 10 17. You cannot use colons in your search.

Like the water in a fountain, our knowledge is elevated, as we delve into the Word through prayer, praise, and worship. We acquire more understanding with each tier, or level we climb. The message becomes clearer as our understanding increases. We become stronger in the Word, and it becomes part of us. Through our studies, we begin to take on the characteristics of Christ, demonstrating what is means to be a Christian in today’s society.

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