A Root of Sin that became a Stronghold

A common theme is Spiritual Warfare. This article explains how sin can turn into a stronghold. Strongholds are those areas that create cracks or holes in our spiritual life that allows Satan and his demons to enter and feed the sin that allowed their entrance. Thank God we can break strongholds.


Bible Reading: John 18:1-11; Matthew 26:47-50

Yesterday we saw how Satan could only work if a person gave him a legal right to do so. We see a very sad but clear example of that in the life of Judas Iscariot. There are some powerful warnings for us in the lives of Bible characters, and not least in the life of Judas.

Judas had the amazing privilege of being chosen to be a disciple of Jesus, and to live with Him and learn from Him for three years. The problem with Judas was that he had a problem with money, and yet he was chosen to be the treasurer for Jesus and His disciples. He must have had a gift in handling money, and yet it was money that was the root of his downfall. Sometimes our greatest strength can also be our greatest weaknesses.

The Bible contains a lot…

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