What is the Difference Between soul and spirit?


I was listening to an Audible Book entitled, Praying God’s Word by Beth Moore as I was working out this morning and she made a statement about our soul and our spirit, not to be confused with the Holy Spirit.

Ms. Moore’s statement gave me pause. I hadn’t thought about the difference between soul and spirit in some time, and like most, use it as a joint reference. I just completed a quick study and ran across a gotQuestions?org video on YouTube and thought you might find it interesting.

I also ran across another YouTube Animation on the subject by Andrew Womack:
It proves visual clarity.

While there are other references, I found an article entitled, What is the Difference Between The Soul and the Spirit? A Bible Study, April 26, 2014, Jack Wellman on patheos.com, to be enlightening. Difference Between Our soul and our spirit. 

Disclaimer: While Patheos .com and my theological understanding may not be in sync (having read other articles on this topic) I find this to article to be credible.

Ponder what you read, viewed, and know and share your understanding in the reply box. It will help other receive clarity regarding our soul and our spirit.

Ways to Walk

Jesus walked, there were few other forms of transportation. This article is not talking about the convenience of getting from one point to another, become more like Christ, use it as a communication vehicle, use it as a meditation time, and yes, use it to get from point A to point B.

Coffee with Randy

One thing we can miss in our Bibles is all the walking they did. Did you know that the word walking or walked is mentioned over 200 times in the Bible? Yes, I think that is a Biblical argument for us to walk more : -).  It was at least a four-day journey for Jesus and his disciples to walk from Capernaum to Jerusalem. I’ve often wondered about all the conversations that happened along the way.


This week’s blog is about walking. Here are four ways to walk…

  1. Walk with someone. My wife loves to walk. It is something we try to do on a regular basis. It is time together and time to talk. I’ve also tried to take a walk with someone who comes by the office. Talking business is more fun, if you are getting exercise at the same time.
  2. Walk to pray. Prayer walking…

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God’s Word, Our Life



Thank you, Lord, for giving me your law to follow throughout my life. I have hidden your Word in my heart to follow and avoid sin. Thank you for giving me the Holy Spirit to teach me your decrees. Please continue to give me focus so I can meditate on your precepts. Give me understanding so I can obey your laws. Open my eyes so I can see the wonderful things in your Word, and act on your commandments as the guiding principles of my life. Turn my heart to your statutes and help me keep my focus off my selfish ways. Help me to be more like Christ. Help me walk in your freedom and live in your truth. Let your compassion come to me and show me my salvation.

In Jesus Name, Amen.