Faith Without The Works of God Is Dead

Don’t believe those who utter works are dead. God expects us to live out His Word in actions and deeds. In short – actions and deeds are works. This is a good article clarifying this truth.

Biblical Proof

God was easy to prove in the days of the prophets. God revealed himself in a physical way. If Israel sinned, God punished them until they repented. If Israel did well, God rewarded them. God was to Israel a reality more than a work of faith. Their faith was basically by sight. However, today, faith is the substance of things unseen (Heb 11:1). Man sins and God does not correct him. If man does well he is not rewarded for it (2 Tim 3:12). Thus, faith in God’s existence is to believe that the Holy Bible was totally inspired of God (2 Tim 3:16,17). If mankind believes the bible proceeded from God, then God verily exists. If they don’t believe the Bible emanated from God, then God is no more than a fairy tale created by a group of men.

Faith Is Essential

The Hebrew writer expressed it: “But without…

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