Our Shepherd

The Lord Is My Sheperd, Vickie at Vickea.com

Vickie's Book Nook and Meditation Corner

Most people are familiar with the 23rd Psalm, even if they know nothing else about the Bible. But have you really thought about what it means for God to be our Shepherd? Have you ever spent any time around sheep? They are really dumb animals, according to all who have raised them. They follow the lead sheep and may even follow it into danger if the shepherd or keeper isn’t there to stop them. They graze until the pastureland is desolate and won’t move until the shepherd moves them. Wait! Is that really dumb or is it obedient and cautious? After pondering the scriptures about God being our shepherd, I have decided that I want to be more like a sheep. I don’t want to go my own way or follow a wrong leader over a cliff that represents danger and bad times ahead for me. I want to depend…

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