The Path with God

I’m Reposting Vickie’s Post because sometimes we need a reminder that God knows all.

Vickie's Book Nook and Meditation Corner

I have been going through a lot lately, which you already know if you read my previous post. But, through it all, God continues to speak to me daily that nothing is happening in my life that He does not already know about.

I desire to be Godly and not to whine and moan and complain about my plight. So that is what I am working on these days. Yes, my holiday plans had to change, but then change is part of life, isn’t it? And no matter what path I am on in life, I want it to be the one that God approves of.

Lest anyone think that God is not watching you all of the time, I would like to put in my two cents here. God is omnipresent and omniscient. As I told my students in Sunday school class yesterday: Yes, it is possible to cheat…

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