God Searches Us To Find What?

We cannot hide our wicked ways from God. He searches our heart and mind to determine if we are applying the virtues of Christ in our walk. ~LISA BLAIR

Are you comfortable with God searching your heart and mind? He searches our heart and mind. There is no hiding our wicked ways. As we grow up, part of our development is acquiring and demonstrating character traits of our family and those in our sphere of influence. As Christians, we grow and demonstrate Christ-like values and virtues. Our parents search our heart and examine our mind to the best of their limited ability as humans. They work to assure we can function in society. God is looking at our fruit. The purpose of being Christ-like is to acquire and use His fruit to love our neighbors, do good, and spread the Good News. 

God examines our real character formed by our acts and habits. He searches our secret thoughts and judges our motives, as well as the wickedness behind them. Our earthly parents cannot examine us in that depth of enquiry. We can deceive our parents and those in our sphere, but God examines the depth of our heart. We judge others according to outward appearances, only He sees and knows our heart. Only God knows our true being.

Images – YouVersion, Bible.com;

Resources – Biblehub.com/Commentary/Jeremiah/ 17:10. Ellicott’s Commentary, Barnes Notes, and Gill’s Exposition of the Entire Bible

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