Simply Proclaim

I am sharing this recently read post by David Etteringer, explaining the distinction and similarities of the term ’proclaim’ in the Old and New Testaments. Good information and scriptural references.

By David Ettinger

Duking it Out
Over the years, I have duked it out theologically with unbelievers. It’s not that these exchanges were uncomfortable or hostile; rather, they tended to travel quite far up the apologetics scale.

Much of these exchanges have come
while engaging Mormons, who are frequent visitors to my neighborhood and often accompany
me while I’m out walking. Other exchanges have come with fellow journalists
during my newspaper days.

I often encountered heavy
resistance to my claims that 1) there is a God who created all things; 2) Jesus
Christ is God; 3) people are natural
sinners separated from God; 4) all people need a Savior to rescue them from
Hell; and 5) Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.

In stating my positions, it really felt
as if I was duking it out in a boxing ring, my opponents fierce and uncompromising.
It is natural…

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