Are You A Shepherd?


A good shepherd cares for its flock. Christ cares for those God placed under His guidance and protection but to and including His death. We, as Christians, are also responsible for those in our sphere of influence.

~ Lisa Blair
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Police Officers, the Armed Services, Fire Officers, and Medical Practitioners all vow to protect their own and those under their charge. In some cases this occurs to a fault. However, in the truest sense, it’s part of the Christian way of life.

Like a Shepherd, Christ protects His own, even through [His] death. Shepherds care for their sheep. Christ’s actions define the attributes of a good shepherd as the Fruit of the Spirit: loving, kind, patient, caring, understanding and controlled. These characteristics represent who we are as Christians.  Like Christ, we strive to motivate, encourage, praise, teach, train, and protect those in our charge.

To this end, we protect and defend those in our sphere of influence: family, friends, and in some instances co-workers, to the extent of putting ourselves in the line of fire to protect them. The line of fire is not always bullets; sometimes it is words, degradation, or hurtful actions, regardless, we are the defense. We establish the boundary for their security. We should strive to be like Christ in every endeavor we undertake.

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Christians Are Being Attacked


Christians are being attacked around the world. Many ambassadors and missionaries throughout the world are wounded, destroyed, and killed every day. Please add this prayer to your daily prayers to cover them as they share the Good News with non-believers and newly converted Christian groups.

~ Lisa Blair


Lord, Christians are being attacked, tortured, terrorized and killed, much like when you, Lord, were on earth. Please post your angels around all Christians under attack. Place angels in front of the attackers, murders, and abusers like you did when Elisha, the Prophet, prayed that you would open his servant’s eyes and see your angelic army surrounding (2 Kings 6:17) the enemy’s army. Let your Christian missionaries and ambassadors see your army wherever they go. Also, let the enemy see the angels shadows over them as they are plotting and planning in person or on social media, like the Internet, to destroy your people. Keep them from moving forward and cause them to abandon their plots in fear of your wrath.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Falling Short


Our primary goal in life should be acknowledgement that we fall short of the glory of God [our Savior and Father’s plans for us], but act to continue to strive forward. It’s our daily walk.


We all fall short of the glory of God, yet we must strive every day to do better than the day before, reconciling our sins through repentance. Repentance sounds so indomitable, when in fact it only means to ask for forgiveness, which we can do after we assess our shortcomings/sins of the day.

Sin varies in intensity. They may be minor, such as avoiding a coworker, cussing, ranting and racing, or major, taking a life. The type of sin committed does not lessen the fact that you sinned. Don’t overlook the little things. Sin is a violation of God’s Glory and is identified in Galatians 5:19-22. Look to the Fruit if the Spirit to identify how we can overcome sin.

Our primary goal in life is to become more like Christ. The acknowledgment that we fall short of the Glory of God [our Savior and Father’s plans for us], is one of the fundamental steps we must take to change our behavior and continue to strive forward. It’s our daily walk.

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God – First In Our Lives


God is our Creator and our Father. Our Heavenly Father should always hold center stage. With Him, all things are possible. Without Him, we are left to wander in the dark.


Psalms 47:1 tells us to shout to God with joyful praise. Why? God is our creator and Father. He is God Almighty. Our God is faithful. The God who sees. The Lord of Peace. He is our provider, a strong tower in times of trouble, and our healer. God loves us.

We should always be filled with great and good thoughts of God ( As Christians, we should want to put God first in all that you do. It is vital to recognize Him each morning and thank Him for a new day’s journey. We should go to Him if you need direction throughout the day to avoid unneeded pitfalls. We should praise Him for all He does. And, acknowledge Him for whoHe is and what He has done for us. Believe it or not, there is a miracle in every step we take, and every thought that comes to mind. God left nothing to chance when He created us.

God, our Father in Heaven should always be up front and first in our lives. He sacrificed His son for us, gives us new beginnings, Salvation, and Eternal Life. There is none other like Him.