The Seven Last Words of Christ

Today is Good Friday, the day we recognize the death of Jesus at Calvary. Jesus was born blameless and suffered through our sin, and lack of humanity to save us from sin, provide us an avenue of redemption, and eternal life with the Father.

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The Crucifixion completed Christs’ assignment on earth. He was sent to preach the Gospel, redeem us, and give us eternal life. He now sits at the right hand of God. The Trinity is in place – The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

He left His Spirit to comfort and protect us. The Holy Spirit resides in us. Hallelujah! God is over us, around us, and in us.

”It is finished!” This is one of the 7 final words of Christ. They are referred to as words, but in fact, are statements He made while hanging on the Cross. The statements were made over a span of hours prior to His last breath, and can be found in the New Testament in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

Visit this site to view the video explaining the Final Words.

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When We Endure, We Activate Hope

The God of peace is with us. The Bible offers hope and encourages us to walk in Christ’s footsteps. We can endure because Christ died on the cross for us. His time on earth taught us how to survive through trials, temptations, good times and life’s difficulties. If we remain under the influence of Gods divine grace and mercy, we will maintain hope for eternal happiness and live our lives in greater peace. Hope comes from knowing the Word. Peace comes through living the Word.