Bible Fun Facts

Facts we should all know. Reblogged, Thanks, David.

By David Ettinger


We’re living in challenging times, and the challenges for Christians grow more extreme by the day. But we’re not going to discuss any of that here. Instead, I dedicate this little offering to all lovers of the Bible. No opinions or issues here, just Bible facts (based on the King James Version). Here we go!

Old Testament Statistics

  • 39 books; 929 chapters; 23,214 verses; 593,493 words.
  • Longest book – Psalms; shortest book – Obadiah.
  • 17 historical books; 5 poetical books; 17 prophetical books.

New Testament Statistics

  • 27 books; 260 chapters; 7,959 verses; 181,253 words.
  • Longest book – Luke; shortest book – 3 John.
  • 4 Gospels; 1 historic book; 22 epistles.
  • OF NOTE: It was not until A.D. 1250 that the Bible was divided into chapters. Verse divisions were introduced to the New Testament in 1551, and the entire Bible in 1560.

10 Longest Books in the Bible

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