Do Black Women Fear For Their Sons and Men In Their Lives?

Yes! As a Black women, we are concerned when our children, young and old, go to work, to school, walk through our own neighborhoods, play in the park, go to the store, or to church. Our concern is not just for our boys, but for our grandsons, husbands, as well as our daughters, nieces and granddaughters. We, as a race, are not safe. We do not have the physical and emotional freedoms described in the Constitution. We were slaves, elevated to 3/5’s a person, and still violated and treated as less than human today. Most of us cannot walk into a store without being followed or monitored. We are selected for inhouse interviews and when we arrive and they see we are Black, and then are interviewed and dismissed. We are pulled over while ‘driving black’ and harassed or killed. Our children are targeted by white teachers and treated as if they are incapable of learning. Many teachers apply separate standards and evaluate us differently, hence our truth, we have to do more than 100% to prove ourselves to white America. We cannot escape the color of our skin, nor do we want to be something we are not. All Blacks are subject to the vulnerability – complexion, income, education, and careers cannot protect us. Within the last few days the world has viewed Black mayors, Senators, doctors, nurses and news reporters harassed and/or arrested because they are Black, and may or may not have been involved in the protests, some were simply witnesses and observers.

We must always begin with prayer, but just as in Jesus’ time, we are held responsible for the needed actions to grow the church, spread the Word and change the environments around us. Justice must prevail for everyone, not just whites.Things will begin to change when whites take action to change the laws, respond to legal injustices, economically segregated education systems in poor neighborhoods, and employment. Change will not happen if leveling the playing field and respecting us as your neighbors, brothers and sisters Does not occur. Until that happens this horror will continue. When you vote, vote for officials that support equality and hate inequality. Elect judges, prosecutors, State Education Secretary’s, mayors, council members, sheriff’s, and commissioners who have a heart for the people, people who will no longer tolerate the injustices put upon people of Color – Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asians, not to overlook gender and cultural bias and bigotry.So the question is, if not now, when? Today, pray and take immediate action in your circles of influence now, followed by participating in the the November election by voting, from the Presidency down to our local elected officials, and then hold them accountable. We are in the season of reckoning and change and we should not let this opportunity slip through our fingers.

God gave us strength, perseverance, and the will to be his ambassadors today and tomorrow. He works through us and supplies our needs if we are faithful. 

Prayer is powerful as is action. Talk for the sake of talking is cheap and condescending. Taking action to change the injustices, people of color have been burdened with since slavery, will prove that white America no longer chooses to victimize us. We look to the day when black boys, husbands, girls and mothers will no longer live in a fear. We look to the day when whites use their privilege and power to create a country where all people can exhale and breathe.

As a Christian, I have faith that this day will come in my lifetime.

2 thoughts on “Do Black Women Fear For Their Sons and Men In Their Lives?

    • Thank you, Sophia. We are definitely in a time of change and for many a time of fear, uncertainty, and dismay. I prefer to focus my attention on what God is doing through these times of darkness, and am eager to see the beginnings of the new world. God is challenging and stretching us which is never comfortable, but necessary if we are to become more like Christ. My take away from your video: we must invoke the Spirit of God in our lives. We should fear not, “for God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” 1 Timothy 1:7 NIV. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.


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