Are Christians Really ‘Protected From Evil’?

Clarity – Are Christians Really Protected from Evil? Guest Post – David Ettinger.

By David Ettinger

A Clearly-Stated Truth
The title of this blog is somewhat misleading. After all, the Bible clearly states in Psalm 121:7 “The Lord will protect you from all evil.”

However, I’ve been a supporter of Voice of the Martyrs – a ministry devoted to telling the story of and aiding victims of Christian persecution – since 1992. I have received all of their monthly newsletters since then, and have read numerous accounts of murders, torture, and brutality committed against believers throughout the world.

If these incidents are not evil, I don’t know what is. Yet, Psalm 121:7 tells us that the Lord will protect us from all evil. Is there a contradiction here?

Another Contradiction?
Elsewhere, Jesus tells us: “In the world you will have tribulation …” (John 16:33), indicating bad things will happen to us. Furthermore, Jesus makes clear that because we love Him, the world will

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