Everything is New

Wake up. Each morning is new, each moment is new, each breath is new. The Lord said, “Behold, I will do a new thing.” Isaiah 43:19 NKJV. When we follow His Word, we can do the same.

~ Lisa Blair

Everything is New. Applying God’s Word to our daily activities introduces Christ into our lives.

The Bible is our manual that should guide our lives. Our purpose is to become more like Christ. How do we emulate Christ? We practice instilling His values into our actions. We must apply what we learn through scripture and the archetypes, people, in the Bible to our reactions to the activities in our daily lives, those things we think and act on.


The way we communicate with God differs for us all. The one way that is constant is that He speaks through scripture. While in prayer the other day, the Lord reminded me of His command, do not turn to the left or right, listen to my quiet voice (Your ears shall hear a Word behind you saying, ‘This is the way, walk in it’ (Isaiah 30:21 MEV). To add context, I way praying about this blog and how to reach more people. His quiet voice said, I needed to focus on how to apply His Word to our daily lives, hence the shift to THE APPLICATION SEASON. There is a time for every season, and this season is an application season.

Each day is new, we awaken from our sleep revitalized. During our sleep our cells regenerate, thus each day we are renewed. Each day is new as well. Nothing is as it was the day before, if it was, life would have no purpose. Scripture declares, each morning we are given new mercies. God gifts us each day with His mercy, we are refreshed to undertake the day to express Him in everything we do throughout the day.

God says announce what we want in prayer. Smile in the face of adversity, remain humble and at peace, even when anger tries to surface remain steadfast and ask yourself, how would Christ respond, would He respond in anger or love? Abolish limiting thoughts from your mind. Leave behind the thoughts and actions of yesterday, they spoke to the needs of that day. Each new day introduces different needs that are not the same and require new thinking. Cast those thoughts as far as the east is from the west (Psalm 103:12), and strive to animate your new and best self to align with the Word of God.

This means, we must regenerate our thinking to align with God’s thinking. We must see each day as new. Each day is an opportunity to change some aspect of our life. Circumstances may prevail that we did not create, but within that context, we can change the little things, or maybe the big things, beginning with the way we think, the way we act, and the way we respond to the circumstances in our life.

You say, ‘this is easier said than done’. I say, ‘we (all) must begin somewhere, at sometime in our lives, and the best time to begin is each new day’. Why? The fact is that each day is 24 hours in duration and the new day begins at the close of the last day, hence, each day is new.

As we study the Bible, we create an inventory of what the scriptures in the Bible are saying to us, as well as forming our lexicons with God, which is done through prayer. He directs us through scriptures, conversations with others [God often uses people to convey His expectations of us], something through what we have seen or heard. To begin to realign our thinking we have to address how we begin our day, after morning prayers, recite the mantra – ‘each God given day is new’, and in recognizing this fact you will begin to respond to things in alignment with the Word of God. We cannot allow pain (physical, spiritual, or emotional) or sorrow to cloud our thinking. We cannot allow pain or sorrow to morph into anger, jealousy, bitterness, or resentment. We cannot allow our struggles to blind us to the truth that God, and only God, is the giver of life. This is our season of application. This is our season of change.

So, this (new day) is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice in it, our conditions in life will not last forever, but a new day will always present a new day and a new opportunity to address the day differently.


New Mercies – The dawning of every new day could be seen as a symbol of God’s light breaking through the darkness of His mercy overcoming our troubles. Every morning demonstrates God’s grace, a new beginning in which gloom must flee. We need to look no further than the breath in our lungs, the sun that shines upon us, or the rain that falls to nourish the soil. The mercies of God continue to come to us via a multitude of manifestations…there is no exportation date on God’s mercy toward us. His mercies are new every morning in that they are perpetual and always available to those in need. (What does it mean that God’s mercies are new every morning? (got questions.org. 2/28/2021)

Regeneration — to regenerate (according to Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary) means new birth, and stresses new birth as the inception of a new state of things in contrast to the old. Pp. 517.


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