Living During the Great Tribulation

This is an informative article on the Tribulation and how to prepare for it by living a Godly life. We do so by following the nuggets listed from the Book of Daniel.


Entering the Great Tribulation

Christians are called to alert and ready with regard to Christ’s return (e.g. Mark 13:33), but what does that really mean? For one thing, it means that we should be aware that the end times period could begin on any day during our lives and that we should be watchful for the signs of His coming.

However, it means something else too:We should be resolved to endure the events of the upcoming period of great tribulation in the most God-honoring way possible. How would we do that? Stockpile supplies? Arm ourselves with weapons? Find someplace to hide?

No. We should look to scripture for an answer. As explained in The Great Harlot and Babylon, Revelation uses Babylon as a metaphor. This metaphor takes the experience that Israel had with Babylon and relates it to the experience that the church will have with Antichrist’s final kingdom. This Babylon metaphor

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