This day is sufficient to meet all of our needs.

~ Lisa Blair

This Day!

As I prayed this morning, the theme for the prayer became, ‘this day’.  The Lord led me to Matthew 6:11 which clearly encourages us to ask God to give us this day. He inspires us to ask for our daily bread. When should we ask? This day. Daily bread is definitive for all of our needs, the need for health, a job, a loving family, in short, for everything we need in our lives.

[My back story.] You may ask, what is she talking about? Well, in sync with movie storylines, there is always a backstory to explain the storyline. Hers is mine. The Holy Spirit speaks to me during my prayer time and generally prescribes the direction my prayer should take.

[Back to the present.] In prayer I found myself praying for individuals and their needs as usual and then the phrase This Day began to attach itself to the request for each person I named. As I was speaking to their needs, their help, and their victories each closed with this day. This day shifted the way I prayed today. This is not my normal way of praying for others, but God placed that phrase on my heart.

So I say to you — May God envelop you in His unconditional love THIS DAY!

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