Sometimes disasters break our Godlessness. ~ Lisa Blair

“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭68:5‬ ‭NIV‬‬

While studying this scripture this morning and listening to the devotional, I immediately thought of the Polish people. They are defenders of the fatherless, and of widows. They are the bridge to the homeless seeking asylum. You see, the majority of the Ukrainians escaping the attack on their nation are fleeing to Poland.

The lion’s share have gone to Poland, where the number of refugees that have arrived – about 1.8 million – matches the population of the city of Warsaw, Poland’s capital and largest city. (The number of Ukrainians who’ve fled to Poland is equal to the population of Warsaw by Becky Sullivan. NPR. March 16, 20225:00 AM ET)

The Polish people, according to the newscast, have opened their arms. People are defending the homeless, the broken, and alienated victims of war caring for them as they would a family member. The Polish peoples’ actions are examples of God’s love for us. They are providing provisions in abundance, seeking to help those in need. They are sacrificing for those who have not.

This brings me to my quote, Sometimes disasters break our Godlessness. For those of us who live in America, many do not understand God’s love for each of us. We do not understand that His Holy Words are more than Words. We do not apply the convictions He rests on our souls as actions to be taken. We disregard the small voice and turn our eyes away from those suffering on the street. We feel helpless and hopeless in the land of plenty.

It is time we turn to God our sovereign leader and father. We the Godless should look at the Polish people as examples of doing God’s work, who are giving to others things that were once their own, extending an open heart and hand to those in need.

To be clear, we are not all Godless, but our actions reflect a sense of Godlessness. There are many in need in this country. We are often quick to give donations while avoiding those on the street, choosing to look away, condemn, and dismiss them as lazy people who choose not to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps. I say, what bootstraps? If they had bootstraps, they would not be on the street. Most are indigent in spirit, as well as physically and economically lacking. When you fall into the hole, you lose a sense of self and hope, finding yourself in a state of despair. If we acted more like the Polish towards the Ukrainians, our Nation would be made whole. The children of God will have stepped up and begun living and acting on God’s Word, becoming fathers to the fatherless and defenders of widows. (In this case, widows are all of those who are without resources and hope.)

To quote Mother Teresa- Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love. (Top 20 Most Inspiring Mother Teresa Quotes.

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Faith Greater a than Life Itself


Good Day!

The thing with Christianity is that it does not eliminate troubling times, it helps you process through them. Passing the test simply means that you do not give up your hope or your faith when in the midst of uncomfortable situations and circumstances in this life.

The old phrase, “hang in there” means just that, do not give up, do not give in, no matter what life looks in the face of the prevailing circumstances.


A year and a half ago a friend of mine was faced with a life-threatening disease and passed away a few weeks ago. Watching him in his final days was a grand testimony of faith. His hope and faith was not about his life in the here-and-now, it was nestled in the Lord. His love for the Lord did not falter. His hope and faith focused on the promise of everlasting life.

It is my hope that we can all demonstrate such faith, not just during our trials but everyday.


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Why we ask God to search our heart


Many of us, like Paul in the scripture, feel we have a pure heart and do not understand some of the circumstances that exist in our lives because we are assuming a perfect heart cannot result in negative circumstances. The truth is, we have sinned so frequently we no longer consider them, or ever considered them, sins, acts if wrongdoing.

-~ Lisa Blair

None of us are pure at heart. Through the knowledgement of our sinful, or if you prefer – our carnal nature, we possess the ability to justify our wrongs and redress them as right. This is why this scripture is important, because before we can improve, we must learn what is faulty and needs to be eliminated. In asking God to show us what He finds offensive identifies that we can correct what is wrong and be led to an everlasting light life.

In the case of this scripture Paul who has been through a lot, still thinks that he has a pure heart and cannot figure out why so many people were out to destroy him. So, in the scripture he’s appealing to God with an attitude of having a perfect heart, asking God to show him what is in him that has upset so many people because it certainly is not true.

However, the only pure at heart is Jesus who took our sins and died for them. This is why we need to do internal searching on a daily basis and ask for God’s help to identify those things that we seem to be blind to, and operate under every day.

I am certain that Paul was truly shocked and disturbed when the Lord showed him his cardinal experiences in life. We cannot and should not be shocked because we know our carnal experiences, we know those things we do that are wrong and maybe reprehensible, we know the things that we do and don’t tell anyone thus living in the shadows, we know the difference between right and wrong and choose often wrong over right because it provides greater immediate satisfaction.

I encourage everyone to read the scripture and begin asking yourself frequently, or daily, what are the things that should be peeled from our, yes our offensive, personality and behavior to help us become obedient to God.’s Word.

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Hope in the Love Song, shared post


Love Song

Our Daily Bread

March 12, 2022

Love Song by Sheridan Voysey

It’s a quiet riverside park on a Saturday afternoon. Joggers pass by, fishing rods whirl, seagulls fight over fish and chip wrappers, and my wife and I sit watching the couple. They are maybe in their late forties and are speaking a language unknown to us. She sits gazing into his eyes while he, without a hint of self-consciousness, sings to her a love song in his own tongue, carried on the breeze for us all to hear.

This delightful act got me thinking about the book of Zephaniah. At first you might wonder why. In Zephaniah’s day, God’s people had become corrupt by bowing to false gods (1:4–5), and Israel’s prophets and priests were now arrogant and profane (3:4). For much of the book, Zephaniah declares God’s coming judgment on not just Israel but all the nations of the earth (v. 8).

Yet Zephaniah foresees something else. Out of that dark day will emerge a people who wholeheartedly love God (vv. 9–13). To these people God will be like a bridegroom who delights in His beloved: “In his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing” (v. 17).

Creator, Father, Warrior, Judge. Scripture uses many titles for God. But how many of us see God as a Singer with a love song for us on His lips?

You can read the entire post at: Love Song

A Greater Peace


We strive for peace, a peace within our intellectual understanding, but we live with anxiety and a fast-paced life. There is nothing greater than the peace that exceeds our understanding and intellect that is only attainable through Christ.

~ Lisa Blair

Philippians 4:7 explains that there is a peace that is greater than our understanding. Our concept of peace is always riddled with a bit of noise and vibration. The peace in this scripture is talking about a peace God provides. A space where there is nothing but serenity. I first experienced this peace about 11 years ago and it is unbelievable, o words can describe it. No drug can get you there. It is truly a peace that is greater than our understanding, and that peace does guard our hearts and our minds through Christ who lives in us. It provides the space for zero vibrations. It is a space to converse with Christ through the Holy Spirit who resides in us. It provides the space for wisdom. It provides the space for knowledge and understanding. It is a peace that is greater than our understanding.

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