It’s A New Day, A New Lens

The Lord has blessed us with a new day. A new day means we have new opportunities, new hopes and of course new mercies.


I pray that we can all experience this new day in the way He designed.

As an older Christian, I can say that we will experience dark moments and challenges, throughout our lives, being a Christian does not exempt us from the woes of this world. Like so many, I have tried to resolve things on my own more than once, and even with successful resolve, the outcome is never as welcoming as when I take my cares to the Lord in prayer and wait for his direction on how to resolve the issue, trials, and challenges.

This does not mean we should sit back on our laurels in desperation failing to make a move. However as Christians it is our gift from God to ask for the Holy Spirit‘s help and guidance. His guidance provides confidence and peace of mind as we walk through the darkness. Darkness and light cannot coexist, we are either in the dark or the light. Walking with Christ places us in the light, hence we experience confidence and peace as we walk through life’s circumstances.

Having lived through the darkness, and experiencing the light, I’ve learned to understand my relationship with the Lord in a much deeper way. I appreciate each step he is leading me through to continue strengthening my relationship and relying on him more readily. Only God can create the conditions in which we prosper.

Missionaries of prayer

In all instances, I find relinquishing my fear results in outcomes I could never have imagined or fashioned on my own.

It is amazing that the Lord will confirm what I write with a devotional, reading, or conversation. This post was confirmed by my pastor’s devotional whose Daily Devotional focuses on stepping away from being religious like the Pharisees and Sadducees (Old Testament) and choosing a relational life with the Lord. We can know the Word but without living it we are empty and lost. Relying on the Word creates the alignment we need to establish a deep relationship with the Lord. One in which we reside in the light despite the challenges we may face.

A new lens provides a new perspective on life. We can choose to remain in the dark or step out into the light of day walking with our Lord and relying on his strength, guidance, and wisdom.

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