Weary? Rest in the Lord’s Arms

God’s Promise – I will give you rest.

I think we’ve all been weary at some point in our lives. Weary according to Vine’s Dictionary means – beaten down. While there are degrees of being beaten down, I think it’s safe to say, few have been immune. The Lord instructs us that at these moments we should run to the Him, hand over our cares, and rest in His arms.

Do you remember running into your parent’s arms when things were going wrong? Image the sense of warmth, safety and rest you experienced at that moment. Did you feel as if you could exhale? Well, our Lord provides warmth, safety, calm and rest. All we have to do is believe in His promise, be obedient to His Word, have unquestioning faith and turn everything over to Him.

Images – YouVersion, Bible.com; LAB Photography

Resources – Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary

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