Fading Away Part 1.

Fiona’s Post is filled with the conviction that God’s love is greater than life. I am certain this post will be a blessing to all who read it because she demonstrates her love for God, proving His love is greater than life. Bless you, all. My heart is full. Thank you, Fiona.

Don't dismiss M.E.

“I feel like I’m fading away” were the words that I spoke to the on call Doctor22nd September 2018. 

The doctor was so nice as she held my hand. One of the nicest I had ever met. The other doctor had taken my husband and daughter down stairs  so they could each speak to each of us individually I suppose.

My doctor looked at me and asked, what did I mean by what I’d said. I felt at the time it photo-1527380992061-b126c88cbb41was a very natural answer to her question of what did she think was happening to me. I simply said, “I’m fading away”. What I felt then could be interpreted in many different ways now I suppose. But, as they were there primarily to check out my heart and pulse, I believed that one day my heart would simply stop. She looked at me with such concern in…

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