We Sharpen

We sharpen each other through conversation and prayer. Accountability is a cherished tool. Two minds can provide mutual counsel and strengthen each other’s judgement. It builds our countenance in the Lord. What better gift can one bestow on the other than helping one another mature in the Word and to do good in their sphere of influence?

3 thoughts on “We Sharpen

  1. Sphere of influence – that’s what I’ve always encouraged my Christian friends to do. It’s usually in those one on one encounters where the Holy Spirit shows up 😊

    Apologies Lisa, I think I’ve commented on all your posts today 😂! Maybe you’re my one to one today! Although, I did have a deep talk with my sister in law today as where I will be going in the future and that I’m ready. For me, death is not frightening, it’s something I look forward to to be honest. I’m tired of my frailty, but I could see on her face she did not have that sense of security. Time passes very quickly I said, and we will meet again. I have moments when I’m lying here, still, motionless yet the peace, well, it’s indescribable. I think is this when my heart stops due to the lack of energy that my body can no longer provide, but I’m still here.
    So, to anyone that reads these rabblings, if you fear you have no sphere of influence, or that you’re not being used by God. Do not worry. If He can use me whilst I’m bedbound, He can definitely use YOU😉! ❤️


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