RePost: Overcoming Insecurities, Next Steps, 2017


This post is as relevant today as it was in 2017 or eons earlier. Most of us find ourselves questioning our worth, purpose, and abilities off and on throughout life.

Gideon blowing the trumpet

At times it can be overwhelming when you are pursuing God’s plan for your life. When God reveals His plan to you, it is usually beyond your current skill set or ability. It can also be beyond your level of education and outside of your financial budget. It will stretch you and challenge you to come out of your comfort zone and start becoming the person He desires for you to be. Sometimes this can leave us in a state of insecurity, as we will have a tendency to feel small compared to the BIG plan that God has shown us. Yes, it can seem overwhelming at times, but you must understand and know that it’s not impossible.

The key to overcoming your insecurities is to start trusting in God’s ability and not your feelings. When God called Gideon to raise up an army to defeat the enemy, Gideon was overwhelmed with feelings of insecurity. He thought how could he be the one to do such a great thing. He came up with every excuse possible that stemmed from his own insecurity. I’m too weak. I don’t have the stamina. ”unsure that he heard God correctly, he asked if he could give the Lord a test to prove it was Him, read the story in Judges 7.

Do we sound like Gideon? In Judges, the Israelites were to go into battle with the Midianites. The Lord found Gideon hiding from the enemy on a threshing floor. He was an unlikely candidate, an unlikely judge, and unlikely leader. But God knew his heart and did not leave Gideon in a state of insecurity and he won’t leave you there either. As you learn to trust in His Word and apply it to your life, you will begin to gain a level of confidence and courage that overrides any feelings of insecurity.

Like Gideon who tested God to make sure it was God who was talking. He, like us, immediately tested the Lord and violated the command in Deuteronomy 6:16, “do not test the Lord”. This stemmed from a lack of faith. We read the Bible, pray, listen to God and when He commands us to do something, we are ready to offer excuses, step back and run. God forces us out of our comfort zone to prepare us for the work He created us to accomplish. In Judges 6, God put Gideon to the test. In Judges 8, He told him to assemble an army to fight the Medianites. He assembled 32,000 men. God told Gideon to send home all of the soldiers who were afraid, roughly 22,000 headed home. If you were Gideon and had 10,000 left, I imagine you would sense the same insecurity he did. God then told Gideon to instruct the remaining 10,000 to drink water, only 300 drank with their hands the other 9,700 kneeled down. God then told Gideon to send the 9,700 men home. The size of the army was diminishing quickly before Gideon’s eyes. I’m certain, Gideon’s sense of insecurity worsened by the moment. This is what God often does to us. When He speaks we need to listen closely and keep our eyes peeled on Him. Why, because He places us in a position to have rely on Him for a miracle to bring us through.

Remember that nothing great or extraordinary happens in your comfort zone. This means that you will have to break out of any insecurity mind-set that you may have and start seeing yourself as God sees you. God sees you victorious. He sees you as an overcomer. He sees you as a mighty person who is going to accomplish great things in life.

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