No Pioneer, Colonizer, or Explorer


Jesus is no pioneer. He is not a colonizer or an explorer. He is the Son of God and a member of the Trinity.

~ Lisa Blair

The NIV version of the Bible refers to Christ as a pioneer. I like the term ‘pioneer’. It stands out to me. But, it is not accurate – as a noun it means, a person who is among the first to explore or settle in a new place. He was not a colonizer, trailblazer, or explorer. Jesus was not among the first. He was the first and only Son of God.

As a verb, it is still left wanting. I would not call Him an innovator or developer. He did not launch a new project. He brought us a new way of life. The King James Version reports, God is the Author and finisher of our faith.


In Him, all things are possible for those who accept Him as our Lord and Savior (Matthew 19:26). We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us (Philippians 4:13). We believe and have faith. We cannot fear or be dismayed because we are new creatures in Christ. He resides in us (Holy Spirit), and around us. He protects us and gives us (eternal) life. He upholds us with the right hand of His righteousness (Isaiah 41:10). There is no other like Him.

The King James Version carries the weight of who Christ is to those of who love Him. All other versions fail.

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